About Terri and Lisa

Terri came to study belly dance after a head injury left her unable to work or take care of her family.  Her physical therapist suggested taking a dance class to help with dizziness and balance.  When she walked into her first belly dance class, she knew she was home.  Having grown up dancing ballet and jazz since Kindergarten, she was immediately drawn by the control and fascinated by the abandon of belly dance.  She has studied Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Persian, Indian, Hula and Polynesian dance ultimately landing firmly in American Tribal Style®.  She is a FCBD® Sister Studio, the owner of Third Eye Tribal in MN, the Business Consultant for FatChanceBellyDance® and the Project Manager for The ATS® Magazine.  She has recently published a book, “I Belly Dance Because: The Transformative Power of Dance,” and an instructional DVD, “ATS® with Props: Veil, Fan and Basket.”

Terri has a Master of Theological Studies and has served as the Executive Director of Rape Crisis, Domestic Violence and Women's Centers in TN, OH, NC and MN.  She has run a successful belly dance business in NC and MN for 9 years.  She has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit and small business management including fundraising, business planning, programming, strategic planning, and consulting.  

Lisa Allred was introduced to bellydancing in 2004 by her twin sister, Terri.  Soon thereafter she started attending classes with Dawn Ruckert and fell in love with ATS®.  The group format, challenging improvisation, shared leadership and beauty resonated with her in a profound way.  The universal language of ATS has allowed her to dance with others from around the world and to make so many new friends.  She serves as the Assistant Director of Dayanisma and also dances professionally with Terri.  Lisa is also a licensed clinical social worker with over 25 years experience working with children, families, communities and nonprofits.  As a clinician she specialized in helping victims of child sexual abuse, intimate partner violence (domestic violence), and sexual assault.  She has advocated for survivors by leading coalitions that changed NC laws (marital rape and stalking), running nonprofits dedicated to these issues, serving as an expert witness for the courts, and teaching about these issues in Masters Degree Social Work Programs. 

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